Enjoying Beautiful Panorama in Mount Bromo with Java Tour

Mount Bromo is part of the National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru. This mountain is located in East Java and it is famously known wiht its beautiful sunrise view. The trip to Mount Bromo is part of the program tour program that people can enjoy from Java Tour. In this tour, people will be able to witness the beauty of what this mountain has to offer.

There are many things that people can enjoy in this mountain and people don’t have to wait long before they can see the first unique thing that this mountain has. The sea of sand that surrounds the mountain will be the very first thing people notice once they arrive in this place. Right in the middle of the sea of sand people will find Pura Luhur Poten, which is a place where Hindu people pray and worship Brahma God. Passing the sea of sand that surround this mountain is not an easy task. It is pretty hot out there, not to mention the sand that keep blowing to people face and they have to endure it for quite some time before they can reach the foot of the mountain. To make it easier, people can rent a horse from the local people with affordable price.

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Sunrise in Bromo with Java Tour

When visiting mount Bromo, there is one thing that people should never miss out and that is the sunrise. In order to enjoy this magnificent view, people should start the journey at 4 in the morning from the nearby hotel and climb up 250 stairs in order to reach the top of this mountain. This is not easy journey and people should be really careful so they won’t slip and fall because the stairs are quite slippery due to lots of sand in there.

But people no need to worry because the journey is totally worth the whole effort. Once people reach the top of the mountain, they can enjoy some hot drink and waiting until the sun start to rise. The view is so magnificent, it will blow people mind.

The best time to visit mount Bromo is during dry season between Mei until October. People must remember to bring jacket or sweater and shoes to protect their body from cold wind, and also sunglasses to protect people eyes from the sand. Last, don’t forget to join the Java Tour journey to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in Mount Bromo.